Rebranding and website design for Bariella - a business for healthy food & tasty 😋

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rebranding / web design & development


Briela Business for healthy and quality food from only fresh raw materials Contact me with a demand to refresh the existing branding in colors and a new and refreshing graphic language.

//Logo Design


The only change the customer wanted in the logo was new and refreshing colors. At the same time stay close to the brown colors of soil and green growth

//Logo Design

Graphic elements

The client requested a uniform graphic language for the business, which will be used by the business in the various publications on social media, flyers, stickers and all the accompanying office equipment.

//Hero Section - sketch

Ux stage

It is important for me to convey to the client the construction of the site from the user experience stage to the widows stage.

Working in partnership with the customer will allow for a result that the customer wants and the users need.

//Logo Design


In designing the website, the customer wanted to transfer the call to action in every parameter on the website.

The customer works with an external payment site and wants the experience of using the site to be similar to the site where the payment is made

//web design

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