Israel Bicycle Association

is a catering business for events of Japanese food and especially sushi. The customer requested that the logo and overall design of the business be in Japanese style with Sushi elements.

Israel Bicycle Association

Rebranding / Website / Packaging & stationery


The idea was to create a path from the logo to create a sense of flow, progress an innovation in order to attract new young riders to the transport revolution.

//Logo Design


The colors are based on the old logo. The correct colors also match the colors of the State of Israel, as well as the bicycle and road signs in Israel.

//Bicycle Design

Our Bicycle

The bicycle design is intended for bicycle events / competitions / meetings in order to attract a new and young audience through attractive design.

As designed for the company helmets and equipment for cycling

//Stationery Design

The Path line

The path created by the logo design continues in the same line in all the designs
of the project

//Business card design

The Website

It was important for the customer to deliver content through the site such as: Articles. Among other things, the goals of the association are donation and joining.

Despite the content, it was important for the site to look light and fun. And not crowded and messy.

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Israel Bicycle Association

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