Nao Sushi

is a catering business for events of Japanese food and especially sushi. The customer requested that the logo and overall design of the business be in Japanese style with Sushi elements.


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Nao Sushi

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The structure of the logo is similar to the structure of sushi boxes. Plus chopsticks on the sides to illustrate the serving. The Japanese-style writing within the existing framework.


Elegant charcoal black. Red is a strong color that evokes emotion. Cream-style white for subtle contrast.

The Rising Sun

symbolizes the sun as the Japanese national flag does. This design has been widely used in Japan for a long time. The design of the Rising Sun Flag is seen in numerous scenes in daily life of Japan,
such as in fishermen's banners hoisted to signify large catch of fish, flags to celebrate childbirth, and in flags for seasonal festivities.

My solution

A red circle like the Japanese flag, from which I made various patterns for different uses.

// noodles box package design

// Chopsticks package design

// market store Sign

// business card

// Menu

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